Séjour en Algarve

     Situated in the south of Portugal, protected by mountains in the North and bordered by the sea, the Algarve is reputated for its sun and fine sandy beaches which border 220 km of coast.

    The coast, cut by cliffs, little creaks and long beaches, offer beautiful walks, magnificant view points and unforgetable bathing. These beaches are separated by golden rocks which form mysterious caves and facinating arches sculpted by the wind and the sea.

    But the algarve isn’t limited by its coast. The inland countryside also possesses it’s charm, with olive, figue, orange and almond plantations streached across the horizon. We will also visit the serra de Monchique, which is an ideal place for trekking. It’s peak, Foïa, rises to 902 m, but we will climb Picota (773 m) which is more attractive and luxurious with chesnut, cork oak, pine and eucalyptus forests.

    A land of prehistoric rituel since the néolithic times, occupied by the Moors for 5 centturys, then reconquered by christians, the algarve proposes a history and a facinating architure which we will discover during the week.

    Then we will rejoin el Cabo de São Vicente which is the most south-western point the Iberian peninsula. During the middle-ages, Portuguese called it «the end of the world». In the 15th  century, the Algarve led the way of the Great Discoveries, between others with Henry the Navigator and the Sailing school  of  Sagress.

    A part of the coast is a beautiful natural reserve since 1988. The Bonellie eagle herons, storks and other birds, are here for preparing for reproduction and migration to africa.

    We will walk talking a varied different route every day, with a lot of bathing. We will walk light, taking only a pic-nic and some personal affaires for the day. We will have diner and breakfast, in a really comfortable and homely hostal situated in the region of Lagos (www.hbelohorizonte.net). The hostal includes a swiming pool, sauna, pool/snooker room, and a tennis court. The sleeping arrangements are in comfortable double rooms each with a private on-suite.

    The cost of this wonderful excursion is 685 Euro per person, this includes the cost of the hostel, all food, transport, organization and guide for the week. Transport to Faro, and individual insurance are at your expense. However, I can help you to find a good flight and transport deals.

Cap Saint Vicent - Serra de Monchique - Luz

Details :
  • Climate : Protected by mountains in the north, and bordered by the atlantic ocean, the region of the Algarve has the advantage of a mediterranean climate, hot and dry.
  • Level : soft trekking, accessible to anyone in good physical condition. Four to six hours of walking every day. Between walks time will be taken for bathing and enjoying the sun. There isn’t much of an altitude difference within the walks.
We will walk light, carrying only a small rucksack with water, meals for the day and warm clothes.
  • Accommodation : We will spend six nights at « Belo Horizonte », which is a pleasing hostal with a swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, pool and table tennis room. Sleeping is in private double rooms with a bathroom. (www.hbelohorizonte.net).
  • Food : Antonio and Maria Emilia, the hostal owners, look after their guests well. They will prepare our breakfast and diner. For the treks, we will take a packed lunch ; dried and fresh fruit, salad, meat, cheese, and more...
  • Transport : The gathering will be on the first day at the train station in Faro at 13h. The holiday will end on the eighth day at 17h in Faro. We will have a car for the week to bring us to the various locations.
  • Material to remember : a sun-hat and a warm hat, a light pair of trousers, comfortable shoes for walking, a swimsuit, a warm jacket, a rain-jacket; evening sandals, a small rucksack, sun glasses, sun cream, a knife/penknife, a water container, and a small first-aid kit.
I have a first-aid kit but it is important that everyone takes responsibility to bring their own personal first-aid consisting of: normal plasters and those which protect blisters, painkillers eg; asparin, an internal antiseptic, an antidiarrhoretic, eye drops and any personal medication you normally take.

Location : You can interact with the map by moving the cursor up and down or to zoom in and out. You can also change the view : map, satellite and relief. The line in blue  shows our excursion for the week.

Itinerary (which is subject to change):

  • Day 1 : Gathering at 13:00 at the train station in Faro. We will visit Silves, to discover the history of the Algarve and the influence of the arabs. A light snack near a windmill or by the sea and then we will rejoin our hostal.
  • Day 2 : We will walk along the sea between Albandeira and Carvalho. We will discover the magificant coast and its paradisiac beaches hidden at the foot of the ocre cliffs.
  • Day 3 : Another walk along the coast, between Luz and Salema, but this time with a different landscape which doesn’t lack any more charm.
  • Day 4 : Direction towards the « Serra de Monchique » where we will climb the peak of Picota (774m) by beautiful snaking paths through cork oak, chesnut and eucalyptus trees. On top of the peak, we will discover an incredible view of the region and the surrounding sea.
  • Day 5 : We will walk and bath by marvelous beaches between Lagos and Luz which give the Algarve it’s renouned reputation.
  • Day 6 : Trekking in a natural park on the coast, between Martinhal et Zavial, we will discover some standing stones « menhir » a heritage of the past.
  • Day 7 : We will join the Cape of « Sao Vicente » and its fisher man cliff ledges. We will have a nice walk between the beaches of Ponta ruiva and Belixe, where we will learn the ancient history of this popular cape.
  • Day 8 : Direction Portimao and its long and beautifull « pria da rocha » : walk, siète, bathing,... then we will take the direction of the train station of Faro for drink the last glass.

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