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   This trek for the advanced walker will take us to two of the greatest sites in the Pyrenees. In the first part of the week, we will stay in Gavarnie to discover some of the greatest cirques in the Pyrenees. In the second part, we will join Barèges and for 3 days, we will walk in the area of Neouvielle.

    Gavarnie is a gigantic limestone cirque and its waterfall 500 meters high is an imposing place of humility. We will climb as far as the "brèche de Roland" one of the highest mountain passes known for its mythological stories. From this boarder between two countries we will be able to admire the panoramic view of both sides. We will also explore the cirque of Estaube and Troumouse which are just as magnific.

    The Nature Reserve of Néouvielle is a parched landscape of granite dotted with numerus lakes and pine trees clinging to the steeps, it's an enchanting site not to be missed.

    The zone which we will visit duing the week is in the Pyrenees National Park. We will have the opportunity to discover its rich flora and preserved wildlife.

    With a strong-living mountain culture and tradition we will soak in the way of life and atmosphere of this exceptionl country.

    The cost of this origional excursion is 640 Euro per person, this includes the cost of all accomodation, meals, transport during the week, organization and guide for the week. Transport to Lourdes (the destinated arrival town in France), and individual insurance are at your expense. However, help can be arranged for you to find good flight deals.

brèche de Roland - Néouvielle - Gavarnie

Details :
  • Climate : In general the weather is fine and sunny. The altitude may cause the evenings to be fresh therefore prepare to have warm clothes along with a raincoat, in case of rain storms.
  • Level : this is my most difficult trek. It is accessible to people in good physical condition. They will consist of six to eight hours of walking every day, with a difference in altitude between 350m and 1000m. For Gavarnie, we will walk light, carrying only a small rucksack with water, meals for the day and warm clothes.  However, for  the four day trek in the Neouvielle, our bags will be heavier as they will contain all the necessary items for the 4 days.
  • Accommodation : we will sleep in mountain hostels in the Neouvielle. In Gavarnie, we will stay in the same confortable hostel for the four last days.
  • Meals : we will have breakfast and diner in the place where we sleep. Where necessary, an assistant will prepare good meals for us. During the day, we will take a packed lunch of dry and fresh fruit, salad, meat, cheese, and more…
  • Transport :  a car will be at our service to transport us and our luggage to different sites.
  • Meeting point : the gathering will be on Sunday at the train station in Lourdes at 10:00. The trek will finish Saturday at 13:00 in Lourdes.
  • Material to remember : a sun-hat and a warm hat, a light pair of trousers, comfortable hiiking shoes, a warm jacket, a rain-jacket; evening sandals, a small rucksack, sun glasses, sun cream, a knife/penknife, a water container, and a small first-aid kit.
I have a first-aid kit but it is important that everyone takes responsibility to bring their own personal first-aid consisting of: normal plasters and those which protect blisters, painkillers eg; asparin, an internal antiseptic, an antidiarrhoretic, eye drops and any personal medication you normally take.

Location : You can interact with the map by moving the cursor up and down or to zoom in and out. You can also change the view : map, satellite and relief.

Itinerary  (which is subject to change):

  • Day 1 :      Altitude range : + 350m     -350m         4 hour walk.
       Our meeting point will be at Lourdes train station at 10 am; we will take the direction to Gavarnie. Check in the hostel and presentation of the week. In the afternoon, we will climb the plateau of Bellevue to admire the greatness of Gavarnie's cirque.
  • Day 2 :     Altitude range : + 730m     - 1650m         8 hour walk.
       We will take a bus ride as far as the mountain pass of Boucharo. We will walk as far as the famous brêche de Roland (2807 m). This is a great stone doorway between France and Spain, an idol of mythological ledgends. This site will offer us an incredible view of both sides of the mountain. We will descend as far as the village by the path of Sarradets, right in the middle of the Gavarnie cirque, afterwhich we will take another path along the mountain edge to join the village of Gavarnie.
  • Day 3 :     Altitude range : + 780m     - 780m        6 hour walk.
          We will take a circular path in the great Troumouse cirque. From here, we will join Barèges for the 2nd part of the week and spend 3 days walking in the Néouvielle reserve.
  • Day 4 :     Altitude range : + 1000m      - 580m       8 hour walk.
       After a short shuttle at the start of the day, we will climb to the pass of Barèges which opens to the wildest area of the naturel reserve with lakes and steeps full of beauty. We will join our hostel for the night at Oredon.
  • Day 5 :     Altitude range : + 880m      - 570m        6 hour walk.
       We will walk between the biggest lakes of the reserve : Oredon, Aubert, Aumar, ... We will climb as far as the mountain pass "hourquette d'Aubert" for a magnificant scenic view, from here on to the mountain pass " hourquette de Mounicot" where we will descend towards our next mountaintain refuge at Glère.
  • Day 6 :     Altitude range : + 250m      - 1150m       8 hour walk. 
      A beautiful walk between dotted lakes and a vast granite landscape. In the afternoon, we will continue the downward descent as far as the valley of Barège
  • Day 7 : we will descend as far as Lourdes for the unforgettable, and regettable goodbyes.

Gavarnie - la cascade - Lacs
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