séjour en vallée d'Ossau
       Situated on the north facing slopes of the Pyrenees, in Bearn (France), the valley of Ossau is a profond valley rich in beauty. A large the pyrenees shelters an area of exceptional nature, and remarkable scenery. In the valley we see historical and geological interest,the start of the high massif of the Pyreneeen chain where the glaciers sculpted their imprints. The peak of « midi d’Ossau » an unique vantage point, proud and imposing, the remainders of an ancient volcano, situated in the middle of the valley, is a symbol of the Ossalois people.

I will bring you into the heart of this valley to understand it’s formation and discover the riches of mountain life. We will visit the Pyrenees National Park, and observe a rich flora and fauna. Isards and marmottes live here in abondance and with some luck we will cross the elegant bearded eagle or the mythic brown bear of  the Pyrenees !

    Pastoralism here has been an active and really important part of life in the valley for many centuries. We will meet some local shepards who have garded many costumes and traditions of mountain life from their ancesters. We will learn from them how they make their famous sheeps cheese.

    This exceptional week allowing us to discover the beauty of the valley will take place between low and high mountains, walking through the valley until we arrive on the sunny south-facing slopes of Spain.

    For a maxium of comfort on the treks we will walk light carrying only our food and clothes for the day. All reservations and meals will be organised for you for the week. During the week, an assistant will prepare succulant meals for our arrival at the end of a good days walk. We will take an incredible journey in the highest train of Europe built in 1920. Walks are very varied, with 2 long treks taking place over two days where we will sleep one night in a shepards caban and the other night in a mountain refuge. Accomodation is in comfortable mountain hostels.

    The cost of this origional excursion is 520 Euro per person, this includes the cost of all accomodation, food, transport during the week, organization and guide for the week. Transport to Pau (the destinated arrival town in France), and individual insurance are at your expense. However, help can be arranged for you to find good flight deals.

séjour en Ossau

Details :
  • Climate : In general the weather is fine and sunny. The altitude may cause the evenings to be fresh therefore prepare to have warm clothes along with a raincoat, in case of rain storms.
  • Level : These treks are accessible to anyone in good physical condition. They will consist of six to seven hours of walking every day, with a difference in altitude between 400m and 900m. We will walk light, carrying only a small rucksack with water, meals for the day and warm clothes.
  • Accomodation : We will spend 2 nights in the hostal of Mr Mourasse, one night in a cozy little shepards cabin and 3 nights in different hostals.
  • Food : We will have breakfast and diner in the place where we sleep. Where necessary, an assistant will prepare good meals for us. During the day, we will take a packed lunch of dry and fresh fruit, salad, meat, cheese, and more…
  • Transport : a car will be at our service to transport us and our luggage to different sites.
  • Meeting point : the gathering will be on Sunday at the train station in Pau at 13:00. The trek will finish Saturday at 17:00 in Pau.
  • Material to remember : a sun-cap and a warm hat, a light pair of trousers, comfortable shoes for walking, a warm jacket, a rain-jacket; sandals, a torch, a sleeping bag, small change for extra drinks and snacks, a small rucksack, sun glasses, sun cream, a knife/pen-knife, a bottle for water, and if possible some binoculars.
I have a first-aid kit but it is important that everyone takes responsibility to bring their own personal first-aid consisting of: normal plasters and those which protect blisters, painkillers eg; asparin, an internal antiseptic, an antidiarrhoretic, eye drops and any personal medication you normally take.

Location : You can interact with the map by moving the cursor up and down or to zoom in and out. You can also change the view : map, satellite and relief. The line in blue  shows our excursion for the week.


Itinerary  (which is subject to change):

Depending on weather conditions  and snow on the peaks, it is possible that I will replace  day 6 for 6a. You will not lose-out by this change, as Sallent is one of the most beautiful areas in the Spanish Pyrenees.
  • Day 6a: We will cross the border, to hike on Spanish terrain above the lake Lanuza for a  breathtaking panorama. We will descend through the gorges of Escarrilla to join Sallent. On this slope, facing south, we will discover a climate, vegetation and terrain completely different from what we will have already seen on the French slopes.

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