General Conditions

    Your enrolement for any of the trekking trips I propose, implies that you also accept the general conditions.

* ENROLEMENT: Your enrolement will be be effective from the date of reception of the bulletin attached, accompanied by a cheque of 50% the price of the trip (+ the cost of insurance for cancellations, if you choose this option). The balance 50% the price of the trip must be paid in full 20 days before departure. In the case of an enrolement made less than 20 days before the departure, the total sum of the trip must be paid with the registration bulletin.

* CONFIRMATION : Once your registration bulletin has been received you will be given a receipt validating your place on the trip and the date by which the balance is to be paid.

* RESPONSIBILITES :  The practical information given about each trip is only general information, for which I can not be held responsible, e.g. in the case of  changes to the itinerary. Each participant must conform to the rules of prudence and security given by the guide. The guide can not be made responsibe for any accidents which are due to the carelessness of a group member. Each participant must be fully conscious of the risks they may encounter on a trip or trek, notably due to isolation from medical centers. The client must assume responsibility for their own actions and not place all responsibility on the guide / organization.

    The guide / organization reserves the right, to modify the itinerary or certain elements of the programme.

* CANCELLATIONS : In the case of a cancellation, you must inform me in writing as prompt as possible, to avoid the penalties of cancellation.

    In the case of a cancellation on your part, a forfeit will be obliged in the following manner:
    A cancellation made, more than 30 days before departure will forfeit only €50 (the balance will be reimbursed).
    A cancellation between 30 and 21 days will forfeit 25% the price of the trip.
    A cancellation between 20 and 8 days will forfeit 50% the price of the trip.
    A cancellation of less than 8 days will forfeit 75% the price of the trip.

    Cancellations due to arriving late, missing the departure, or simply because the trip isn’t to your taste, do not have the right to any reimbursement.
If you apply for a cancellation insurance (below), the sum with-held in the case of a cancellation, can be reimbursed.

    In the case of a cancellation on our part ; you will be given at least 15 days notice in advance and you will be offered a remplacement. In  the case of a complete cancellation you will be reimbursed in full the amount received for the trip along with a voucher (valid for one year) to the value of  €30 reduction on another trip.

* INFORMATION ABOUT INSURANCE :  Conforming to the reglementation of my profession, I am insured by Professional Civil Responsibility. However, each participant has the responsibility of attending to their own personal insurance, including a multirisk guarantee (accident,  ) in the goal to protect yourselves from any incidents or accidents which could occur before or during the trek. Perhaps you are already well insured, please inform yourselves.

* CANCELLATION INSURANCE : If you are are interested, my insurance company MMA (Contract no. 113 529 780) proposes an insurance for cancellations, at the price of 2.70% of the trip cost, which must be regulated with me on registration.  This insurance reimbourses (in the event of a cancellation) the amounts forfeit, with the exception of  €30 and the price of the insurance (2.70% of the total cost).  
Those insured have the right to cancel a trip due to any of the following events : accident, serious illness, a decease in the family, significant material dammages to the insured caused by a fire or other natural cause which require the presence of the insured, the insured made redundant by employer, indisputable modifications to holidays or work sechedule made by the employer of the insured, the insured obtaining work (having been previously unemployed).

For more information : click here to see the MMA CONTRACT